Founded in 2002, BHP is a property company which benefits from its founders having almost 30 years experience within the property sector. Prior to BHP, Jeremy and Howard both worked within general practice surveying partnerships in London and more latterly running Milton Investments Ltd and Clover Hill Properties Ltd, respectively.

During its short history, BHP has established a track record of reliable and rapid performance in acquiring properties. Within the transactions section, you can review the track record of BHP since it was founded and the variety of projects demonstrate the spread not only in lot size, land uses but also the fact that many of its purchases are undertaken on an unconditional basis.

Assisted with private funding, BHP has the ability to acquire property on very rapid timetables and can currently purchase in the order of £50m.

In certain situations, eg prelets or truly off market situations, BHP is more than willing to include the introducing agent as a partner and thereby participate in the profitability of the project in lieu of fees – obviously these situations are viewed and negotiated on their individual merits.



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